Liquid Gluconic Acid

Liquid Gluconic Acid
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Product Details

Product description:

Gluconic acid solution is the shape of a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid syrup, general merchandise gluconic acid solution concentration is about 50%. Odorless or slight odor. Sour taste.


Food additives can do, gluconic acid solution acidity regulator, can also be used for cleaning products.

Packing and shipping

250kg plastic drum, on or without pallets.


We have a professional after-sales service, tell us what you think or need, and then our services start from here. We have professional QC strictly will test the samples. Our company will have after sales staff to provide you with tracking information, including the late product what is the need to understand the problem, we will provide you a detailed answer.


1.Do we get the best price?

A:We really want to develop the market, get more customers, so we always provide the most suitable price for our customers.

2.If I can get a small sample?

Of course, once we confirmed the samples you have requested, we can prepare and send the samples to you free of charge.