Glucono Delta Lactone for Food Additive baking ingredients Leavening agents

Glucono Delta Lactone for Food Additive baking ingredients Leavening agents
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GDL, white crystalline powder, almost odorless,freely soluble in water(60g/ml),has a slightly sweet taste, then sour, sparingly soluble in ethyl alcohol(1g/100ml),almost insoluble ether. Upon addition to water readily forms an mixture of the lactone gdl and gluconic acid.1% solution ph is 3.5,after 2H,PH is 2.5,about 153 decomposition

Molecular Formula        C6H10O6            

Molecular Weight         178.14                   

CAS Number               90-80-2

EINECS number           202-016-5

E Number                 E575


     Arsenic, ppm


Heavy metals, %

0.002 max

Reducing substances, %

0.5 max

Lead, %

0.001 max

Assay, %


Calcium, %

0.03 max

Chloride, %

0.02 max

Sulfate, %

0.03 max


GDL is a kind of excellent multifunctional food additive. It is mainly used as protein coagulant, acidifier, expander, preservative, seasonings, chelating agent, colour-preserver,etc. it is widely applied to food, daily chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. Plastic and resinxous modification, electrodeposition and polish, metal-surface cleaning and organic synthesis, etc. For fish and prawn 0.1g/kg, residue is not more than 0.01 mg/kg;For sausage, fish meat paste, grape juice, bean product, the max dosage is 3.0g/kg;It can work with sodium bicarbonate in the ration of 2:1 to make cracker, bread and cake, the dosage is 0.13% of weight of flour .It is made of starch, is not-toxic and harmless to Human.

Transportation: handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package; protect them from sunshine or rain. This product is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product 

Storage: keep in shaded, cool and air places, 2 year shelf life 

Packing: Net 25kg/paper-plastic compound bag or according to client request

Delivery Detail: 10 days after confirm order.

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