Food additive Glucono Delta Lactone

Food additive Glucono Delta Lactone
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Product Details

Product Description:

Food additive Glucono Delta Lactone  is white crystal powder, almost odourless, taste sweet after the first acid, soluble in water, insoluble in ether. Glucose residue is less than 0.2%, the particle size < 40 mesh.

The main application:

Medicine, chemical industry, food, microbial fermentation, etc

Packing and shipping: 25kgs/bag。


1.Can be used as acid agent and flavoring agent used in food and beverage industry.Used in drinks, ling food production, to produce a product with delicious cool and refreshing feeling.

2.Used in the food such as cakes, baked goods, keep product soft, long shelf life and increase the taste of food.

3.Increase appetite, promote digestion and absorption, can help you to lose weight.Can enhance human immunity, reduce the risk of cancer.

4.It has the inhibition of fungus, corrosion resistance and antioxidant properties, and can be used in water treatment, printing and dyeing, washing, etc.


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