Chlorhexidine gluconate solution side effects

1. I can cause contact dermatitis. Strong high concentration eye conjunctiva irritation.

2. This product can make the surface of the mouth, as early as 1 week after use. After 6 months of use some 50% of patients teeth staining, about 10% of the patients with severe coloration, increased tooth plaque deposition coloring is more evident. Dentures permanent coloring that can occur due to rough surface or edge.

3. Taste alteration, continued treatment is recoverable.

4. Painless oral sex of keerkezi in children and adolescents can be superficial scaling.

5. Rare local irritation and allergic reactions.

6. After mistakenly drinking this product in children, there may be symptoms of alcohol poisoning (gait such as slurred speech, drowsiness, shaking, etc), should be immediately sent emergency treatment.