Gluconic acid Lactone method

1. Characters

This product is a white Crystal or crystalline powder, sometimes a little odor. Start sweet, later was slightly sour .

2. Qualification test

(1) the aqueous solution (1 to 50) of acidic II.

(2) in aqueous solutions of this product (1 to 50) of 1mL, when you add 1 drops of ferric chloride test solution, is thick yellow .

(3) the aqueous solution of the product (1 to 50) of 5mL, phenylhydrazine and glacial acetic acid distillation of 0.7mL and the new 1mL, water-bath heating 30min, cooled with a glass rod motorcycle wall, precipitated crystals. Remove after crystallization, heat water 10mL dissolved,with a little mix of activated carbon filter. Cool with a glass rod motorcycle wall, remove the generated crystallization and drying, the melting point of about 201 c (decomposition) .

(4) keep 2.5G soluble in water to 25mL, immediately determine the optical rotation, =+60~+67 ° .

3. Purity test

(1) keep 1g solubility soluble in 10mL, is a colorless, transparent .

(2) the chloride this product when routine testing of 0.5G chloride andits amount should be 0.005mol/L hydrochloride 0.5mL correspondencethe following f.

(3) Kraft take this product 1g, routine testing of sulfate and its amountshould correspond to 0.005mol/L of 0.5mL sulfate content sadly.

(4) keep 1g of arsenic is soluble in water, constant volume to 10mL, as a statement of liquid arsenic practice test, should meet the requirements 

(5) heavy metals this product 1g, plus 30mL water solution, then add 1drops of phenolphthalein test solution, when routine testing of heavy metal and its amount should be 0.001% the following issues.

(6) keep 1g calcium soluble in 10mL, after and with ammonia, and 1mL ammonium oxalate solution not muddy .

(7) the iron take this product 0.5G, plus water dissolved in dilute nitric acid 6mL and, after constant volume to 25mL, followed by adding ammonium persulfate 0.05g, ammonium thiosulfate solution 5mL, mix liquid color, than standard iron solution should not add dilute acetic acid6mL capacity 1mL to 25mL, and sample solution that operates same color depth .