How to use sodium gluconate

Potassium gluconate and sodium gluconate are good flavor improving agent, in good taste but also mask bitter taste and smell, the taste effect of improved. Able to very significantly improve the high sweetness sweetener such as stevia glycosides, sweet essence, saccharin taste quality in winter.

Liquid sodium gluconate can cover up the smell of soybean protein very well. Nutrition value of soy protein is quite high, so its fish, meat products, frozen foods and other food products are widely used, but because it has a smell of soy protein, thus limiting the use of soy protein. Add 5% of sodium gluconate in the sausage ingredients can significantly reduce the smell of soy protein, also in fish products fish paste add 0.5% sodium gluconate can lower the fish smell. Sodium gluconate are masked using soy protein foods such as soy milk, hamburgers and other soy protein stink. Sodium gluconate can also cover up magnesium, zinc, iron, magnesium and other trace metals in particular the unique effect of bitter, very suitable for add in drinks and health foods.