The practice of Lactone bean curd of glucose

With the development of science and technology of a new type of tofu glucose lipid 

materials published, called delta-Gluconolactone, referred to within the GDL or fat, 

is by the oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid or its salts, decolorization, concentration, 

purification, desalination, Crystal produced, is a multifunctional food additive. Glucose

 lipid is a nontoxic, white Crystal or crystalline powder, almost no smell sweet at first 

and then acid, soluble in water, slowly decomposing chemicals at 25 ℃. In the food industry 

as a sour agents, preservatives and preservative.

GDL is used as protein coagulants production tofu, tofu, white and delicate texture,

useless brine or plaster has a bitter taste, no loss of protein, a high rate of tofu,

and easy to use. In view of the GDL, when used alone, with light acidity of bean curd,

so often the GDL and CaSO4 or another coagulant on 1:3~2:3 ratio of mixed use, its dosage 

for dried beans to 2. 5%, about 4 c temperature control works well.