Application Of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution For Sewage Treatment

Application of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution for sewage treatment
Gluconic acid 50% solution sodium is a sodium polyhydroxycarboxylate, also known as: pentahydroxy acid sodium, molecular formula: C6H11O7Na, molecular weight: 218.14, the appearance of white or light yellow crystalline particles or powder, easily soluble in water, Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Mainly used as acid-base balance agent, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaning agent, cement admixture and so on, the use is very wide.
1, candy, pastry, drink, cold food, biscuits, baked goods nourishing liquid, medicine, jam, jelly products, honey processing products and other food industry can replace the use of white sugar.
2, gluconic acid 50% solution of high hygroscopicity, for cakes, baked goods and other food, to keep the product soft, long shelf life, increase the taste of food.
3, gluconic acid 50% solution of the freezing point is low, for the beverage, Ling food production, the production of the product has a cool and delicious feeling.
4, the leather industry to use the processing of leather, such as soles leather, leather box leather, etc., can increase its flexibility and do the chromium tannin reductant.
5, man-made fiber industry can be used in the spinning liquid powdery gluconic acid 50% solution.
Gluconic acid 50% solution is an in vivo metabolic indispensable nutrients. The heat released by its oxidation is an important source of energy required for human life activities. In the food, pharmaceutical industry can be used directly in the printing and dyeing industry as a reducing agent, in the mirror industry and hot water bottle gall silver plating process commonly used 50% gluconic acid solution as a reducing agent. Industrial also a large number of 50% gluconic acid solution for the synthesis of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
Gluconic acid 50% solution is a commonly used medical agents, but also fine chemicals, food industry, fermentation industry and other industrial raw materials. Its main production raw materials are starch or potato stem, corn, rice and so on. Production methods are double enzyme and acid enzyme method. The so-called double enzyme method is to use α-amylase starch emulsion, and then add saccharification enzyme preparation of gluconic acid 50% solution.
Industrial gluconic acid 50% solution
    1. Industrial Gluconic Acid 50% Solution for medicine, regulate the body's acid-base balance, in order to restore the normal function of the nerve, for the same purpose, for food additives;
2. Industrial gluconic acid 50% solution for water quality stabilizer, its excellent performance in:
(1) has obvious coordination effect, suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulations, due to the coordination effect, corrosion effect greatly improved;
(2) contrary to the general corrosion inhibitor, the corrosion rate increases with increasing temperature;
⑶ scale inhibition capacity of the technical requirements of calcium, magnesium, iron salts have a strong ability to complex, especially for the excellent chelating effect of Fe3 +;
(4) industrial gluconic acid 50% solution as a circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor, is currently used in other corrosion inhibitors can not match, can achieve the role of pollution;
3. Industrial gluconic acid 50% solution for the food industry, because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, it can be used as food additives. Gluconic acid 50% solution of sodium and gluconic acid 50% solution of potassium potassium has excellent taste threshold. Gluconic acid 50% solution of sodium acetate without irritation, no bitter taste, salt taste close to salt, the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salt, salt (inorganic salt) 5 times, 2.6 times the sodium malate, sodium lactate 16.3 Times Gluconic acid 50% solution of sodium and gluconic acid 50% solution of potassium in the food processing used to adjust the pH, improve food flavor, instead of salt processing into a healthy low salt or salt (no sodium chloride) food, Improve human health, enrich people's lives play a big role. Bulk industrial gluconic acid 50% solution supply
4. Industrial gluconic acid 50% solution Sewage treatment During the commissioning of industrial gluconic acid 50% solution is to provide a carbon source, which is to better culture of bacteria, improve the biodegradability of sewage. If the running system COD, BOD is not enough to supply the growth and reproduction of bacteria, then you need to add another to prevent the sludge aging, biological activity decreased.