Application Of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate And Precautions

Application of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate and precautions
Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is widely used in food, beverage, spices industry as sour agents, flavoring and preservatives, preservatives, buffers, chelating agents. In the chemical industry, the cosmetics industry and the washing industry for antioxidants, plasticizers, detergents. Pharmaceutical industry as an anticoagulant.

Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate, also known as sodium citrate is an organic compound, as a sodium salt, the chemical formula Na3C6H5O7, the appearance of white to colorless crystals, the taste of soapy water. Soluble in water and glycerol, insoluble in alcohol and other organic solvents. There are deliquescence, in hot air weathering.

In the food and beverage industry as a flavor agent, stabilizer; in the pharmaceutical industry as anti-coagulant, phlegm and diuretics; in the detergent industry, can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a non-toxic detergent Additives; also used for brewing, injection, photographic drugs and electroplating.

Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate contains a lot of citric acid, citric acid and calcium ions combined into a soluble complex, can relieve calcium ions to promote blood coagulation, can prevent and treat high blood pressure and myocardial infarction. So it can play an anticoagulant effect.

In the clinical use of fresh blood, the need to add some disinfection of the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate or sodium oxalate, can play a role in preventing blood coagulation, so the technical level of sodium gluconate and sodium oxalate is called anticoagulant.

Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is a chemical substance, many people worry about eating will be harmful to the human body, it is not true, the technical level of sodium gluconate is a basic material, eat can balance the body's pH, the body is in a normal The pH range, as well as alkaline to ease the body after the fatigue is very good. The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is edible.
Citric acid for the consumption of acids, can enhance the body's normal metabolism, the appropriate dose of harmless to the human body. After adding citric acid to some foods, it has a good taste and can promote appetite and use citric acid in China to allow jam, drink, cans and sweets. Although citric acid is not directly harmful to the human body, but it can promote the excretion and deposition of calcium in the body, such as long-term consumption of citric acid-containing foods, may lead to hypocalcemia, and will increase the risk of duodenal cancer. Children with nervous system instability, easy excitement, autonomic disorders; adults were hand and foot convulsions, muscle spasms, paresthesia, itching and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Based on the metabolism of the technical grade of sodium gluconate can produce the impact of regular consumption of canned food, beverages, jam, sour candy people, especially children, pay attention to calcium, drink raw milk, fish head, fish bone soup, eat small shrimp And so on, so as not to cause calcium deficiency and affect health, gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, dental caries and diabetes patients should not eat citric acid. Citric acid can not be added to pure milk, otherwise it will cause pure milk coagulation. Dairy industry often citric acid dubbed about 10% of the solution by adding low concentrations of milk solution, should be added when the rapid mixing。