Can The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate Affect The Performance Of Cement?

Can the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate affect the performance of cement?
If you add Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate to the cement, what happens to it? Will it affect some of the performance of cement?
Although the coagulation time of cement paste is not directly related to the setting time of concrete, the setting time of cement paste can reflect the setting time of concrete, and it is not suitable for the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate retarder and cement Sexual measures have the following points:
Strict control of raw materials, the prevention of concrete condensation occurred in the project to deal with each batch of cement, each batch of admixture for quality testing, to seek the technical characteristics of raw materials, the purchase and use of qualified raw materials.
The construction of the ingredients should be carried out with the retarder and the cement adaptability test. When the retarder and the cement are not suitable, Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate it will cause abnormal condensation. Therefore, according to the different cement, the adaptability test of the retarder and cement should be selected. Of the retarder to determine its proper dosage.
And according to the design and construction requirements, combined with the use of materials used in the field test to determine a reasonable mix of construction and the best amount of retarder.
Because each kind of retarder has the appropriate dosage, the amount of excessive is not only economically unreasonable, and may produce coagulation, Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate excessive retardation and other abnormal phenomena or cause bleeding and affect the quality of the project.
Determine the mixing system to ensure the quality of concrete. The concrete mixing system includes many aspects, such as the order of mixing of raw materials, stirring time, stirring speed, concrete into the mold time and other parameters.
In order to avoid the admixture and cement incompatible, in addition to strict control of raw materials, the choice of reasonable concrete mixing system is also very important. Such as mixing time will affect the dispersion of the mixed components of concrete uniformity, thus affecting the work of fresh concrete.
Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate as a water stabilizer, known as a broad spectrum of corrosion inhibitors.
It is used for molybdenum system formula, can make the main corrosion inhibitor aluminate corrosion inhibition effect enhanced, not only because of the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate itself has a certain corrosion inhibition effect, the most important is the gluconate cockscomb with the formula Of the other active ingredients have synergistic effects. Thus, the corrosion efficiency is greatly enhanced.
Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate as a water stabilizer, known as a broad spectrum of corrosion inhibitors.
Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate not only has a very static corrosion inhibition capacity, calcium, magnesium salts, especially iron salts are a good scale inhibitor. Because it has good complexing ability and large complexation constant for calcium ion, magnesium ion, iron ion and so on. Therefore, in the process of water treatment, the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate can play a role in scale inhibition of these ions Good efficiency.
Today, not only the chemical industry, the concrete also began to use the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate.
So what is the main benefit of the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate to concrete? Mainly reflected in three aspects, namely:
The application of technology grade sodium gluconate in concrete is mainly reflected in three aspects: to prolong the concrete coagulation time, to reduce the slump of concrete and to reduce the strength of concrete.
There are two types of technical routes that are commonly used:
One is admixture admixture method, the other is compound retarder. Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate The method of combining the superplasticizer with the retarder to solve the slump loss has been generally accepted. The theoretical basis of this method is to delay the formation of early cement products to suppress slump loss.
China in recent years, some construction projects have been used to pump concrete. Pumping concrete pumping agent by the superplasticizer, retarder, air-entraining agent, pump components.
Can be used as retarder substances are mainly hydroxycarboxylic acid substances, Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate polyhydroxy carbohydrates, lignin sulfonates and humus and inorganic compounds, the domestic application of more retarder is molasses and lignin Calcium sulfonate water reducing agent.