Effect Of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution On Tobacco

Effect of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution on tobacco
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution in the industry has a wide range of applications, its use in various industries are not the same. Today we introduce a rather special use: corrosion resistance. In the usual common cigarette, we can see the anti-corrosive properties of 50% gluconic acid solution. The reason why cigarettes have such a long shelf life, because it is added 50% gluconic acid solution played a role in the anti-corrosion.
Adding 50% gluconic acid solution to cigarettes will not only improve the physical properties of tobacco, increase the resistance of tobacco, but also protect the moisture from being volatilized, thus weakening the shredding; and tobacco products are relatively easy to mold products, if Putting tobacco products in hot and humid places, tobacco is very easy to moldy, add a small amount of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution in tobacco can resist the breeding of mold, greatly extend the life of tobacco products.
Science and technology in progress, scientists on the Gluconic Acid 50% Solution solution is not interrupted, perhaps in the near future, we will find 50% gluconic acid solution has more uses, can serve the community, human services.
Gluconate function is very complete, can be used as a water-reducing agent, preservatives, colorants and other functions used in food, construction, dyes and other industries, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution soluble in water, that is soluble in cold water and soluble In boiling water, in industrial production can be used as a heat auxiliaries.
In the food industry, 50% gluconic acid solution can be heated with sodium bicarbonate, the reaction to produce carbon dioxide, has a good bulky effect, can be used as puffed food leavening agent, and no smell. Can be made in the pastry, fried food cooking, add Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, to improve the softness of food, increase the swelling effect. For example, as China's most distinctive early fritters, in the frying process, the appropriate amount of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, can improve the freshness of the fritters, more delicious.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution as a heat auxiliaries, you can use the industry as a thermal energy additives, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution dissolved in boiling water, the higher the temperature, the higher the solubility. When used as a heat auxiliaries, be sure to press the amount of use is too large, but there will be inhibition of fever reaction. According to the amount of use, the best is the proportion of 5% to 30% range.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is a multi-purpose product. The performance of the gluconate nanocomposite is added to the cement to increase the buildability of the cement building when used, delaying the settling time of the cement. The concrete is plasticized before hardening, and the plasticizing property refers to the cohesiveness of concrete and the water retention performance. The construction industry in order to ensure the plasticity of concrete, usually by adding plasticizer (superplasticizer). Gluconic Acid 50% Solution can increase the plasticity of concrete, slow down the effect of solidification, in the concrete industry is often used as a highly effective retarder, superplasticizer. Cement to add a certain amount of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, can increase the plasticity and strength of concrete, postpone the initial and final solidification period of concrete.
In industrial production, two factors affect the performance of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution concrete: shrinkage and heat generation. Concrete shrinkage is due to water loss, concrete coagulation, and cement mixed with water will produce heat, shrink or overheated concrete use greatly reduced. The plasticity of the concrete in the mud is strong, the finer the fineness of the concrete in the concrete, the worse the plasticizing effect. The finer the fineness of the cement particles means that the greater the surface area of the cement, the greater the adsorption of the water-reducing agent molecules, in order to achieve better plasticizing effect, the water-reducing agent parameters will increase.