Factors That Affect The Price Of Sodium Gluconate

Factors that affect the price of Sodium Gluconate
    Sodium Gluconate as a concrete additive in the current market applications have a great advantage, especially in the summer, the application of the product more, the market demand is greater, the price will be affected by the impact of demand fluctuations, we are This article simply to understand the relevant factors on the impact of Sodium Gluconate prices.
    First of all, the impact of market demand, the demand for Sodium Gluconate in summer is relatively higher than the demand in winter and other seasons, so the price may rise above, the market supply will be a lot of floating, the construction season The demand for Sodium Gluconate increased, the various chemical companies in the summer orders have increased, the competitive pressure also will become larger.
    And then the impact of summer temperatures, high temperature weather will increase the demand for concrete admixtures to speed up the cement hydration reaction time, the cement hydration reaction peak in advance, which caused the cement can not be completed within the specified time construction, Reaction to extend or advance will give us a direct impact on the construction, so the requirements of concrete admixtures will be more stringent.
    Again is the quality of different effects, due to the uneven quality of the production of various enterprises, the effect of differences, the price is also different, the market demand is also different, high-quality products, market demand by customers of all ages.
    Finally, the market dynamic market, different periods of different policies, industry standards and product production policies will be some changes, such as environmental trends will lead to high quality and environmental protection related to the production of Sodium Gluconate products more on the market more popular on these products, Customers according to the current situation and the tense of the demand for these products will increase.
     As the rapid development of urban development and comprehensive, people living more and more concentrated, resulting in the current building is also increasingly tall and diversified. People for the building firmness and duration requirements are also relatively improved, the addition of Sodium Gluconate greatly improved the feasibility of these requirements.
The following describes the importance of Sodium Gluconate in concrete:
1, mixed with Sodium Gluconate and concrete, can increase the strength of concrete to form a high quality concrete.
2, mixed with Sodium Gluconate and concrete, can make large and large weight of the infusion project to improve the concrete coagulation time to avoid the structure can be generated to meet the surface, can enhance the structural strength.
3, mixed with Sodium Gluconate and concrete, in hot areas can maintain water-cement ratio (concrete mix design) unchanged, can improve the workability.
4, mixed with Sodium Gluconate and concrete, can delay the solidification time, for a long time and difficult to have a very important role in perfusion.
5, because the pre-mixed concrete is located in the central location of the need to transport with a mixer truck, adding Sodium Gluconate, which can increase the working and initial solidification time.
6, Sodium Gluconate can be achieved to reduce the water-cement ratio (concrete mix design) made of higher strength and durability of concrete, high strength reinforced concrete is very important.
7, in the prefabricated masonry mortar by adding Sodium Gluconate, can make the prefabricated masonry mortar used in a long time to extend the working period.
8, in the wells irrigation mud by adding Sodium Gluconate can work in high temperature.