Food Grade Sodium Gluconate Can Be Used As Food Additive What?

Food Grade Sodium Gluconate can be used as food additive what?

As a food additive, Food Grade Sodium Gluconate has many functions and functions when used. There are four main common ones, which are shown as follows:

1. Adjust the pH function:

The buffer pH of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is 3.4, which is suitable for the food additives of low pH range buffer.

Drinks below pH4, general sterilization time is 10 minutes under 65 ℃, can avoid heat sterilization effect on beverage material, and can save energy, is an importance part of beverage production engineering management;

Other organic acid salt is difficult to achieve below pH4 sterilization can meet the above requirements, and Food Grade Sodium Gluconate can meet above requirement and shall not affect the beverage flavour sex, so Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is one of the most excellent food processing pH buffer.

2, in improving agent: Food Grade Sodium Gluconate itself is taste good, have to cover up bitter ignorance, odor, as in the bitter taste of cover a fishy smell, magnesium ion, etc., are superior to the other organic acid salt.

3, obscure the soy protein stinky: soy protein nutritional value is high, applied in processed meat, fish, minced fish, frozen food, etc. Various kinds of food, but there are inherent in the soybean protein, thus usage have limitations.

In sausage manufacturing, 5% or so of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate can significantly reduce the effect of soybean protein odor. The Food Grade Sodium Gluconate also covers soy milk, hamburgers and other soy protein foods that are specific to soy protein.

4. Improve the taste of sweet sweeteners:

Low calorie high sweet sweeteners are good for health, but they are generally not as good as the taste of sugar.

Through foreign test, Food Grade Sodium Gluconate have obviously improved high sweetness sweetening day winter sweet, stevia glycosides, saccharin taste quality, radix asparagi cyclamate with Food Grade Sodium Gluconate can achieve sugar the same sweet taste and quality.

The production method of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate:

Glucose with the aid of aspergillus Niger fermentation to produce glucose oxidase, under the condition of oxygen in the catalytic dehydrogenation oxidation of glucose into glucose ester, then glucose acid ester decomposition, and flow neutralization with sodium hydroxide, get Food Grade Sodium Gluconate fermented process.

The characteristic is: the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate fermentation liquid is adjusted by the PH value, the temperature is heated, after the filter is purified, the crystallization is directly concentrated, the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is obtained by separation and drying.

PH adjustment is to adjust the PH value of the fermentation liquid to 6.0-6.5.

Warming is fermented liquid heat to 55-65 ℃.

Heat exchange area of 100m2, the velocity of 0.5 m/s plate heat exchanger.

The filter is used to filter and refilter at the beginning of the heat treated fermentation liquid, and the black aspergillus filaments and the remaining proteins are intersecting, and the transmittance is more than 80% clarifying filtrate.