Gluconic Acid Food Grade Benefits The Human Body

Gluconic Acid Food Grade We all know that it is by its various types of starch as raw material, the enzymatic process of low degree of control of hydrolysis, purification, drying made. The raw material is starchy corn, rice and so on. It can also be refined starch, such as corn starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch and so on. It has the characteristics of low sweetness, no smell, easy digestion, low heat, good solubility, little fermentation, good filling effect, good moisture absorption, strong thickening, good carrier, good stability and difficult to deteriorate.
What is his benefit to the human body?
Gluconic Acid Food Grade also contains a lot of polysaccharides, can be used as a supplementary sugar foods.
Also because it also contains calcium, iron and other beneficial to the human body trace elements and minerals, can add the body of the lack of trace elements, and can promote the body's normal material metabolism.
Gluconic Acid Food Grade is an inexpensive carbohydrate that acts as filling materials in the milk production process, and can extend the shelf life of products, can reduce production costs. However, Gluconic Acid Food Grade added milk powder on the baby's growth and development can not play a significant role in promoting.
Gluconic Acid Food Grade itself does no harm, but excessive addition will lead to nutritional deficiencies milk, infant discharge to be converted to increase the burden of liver and kidney, can not absorb other nutrients, plus the more such cheap material in milk powder, other The less the nutrients will be. According to the industry stakeholders, milk powder production process, you can not add Gluconic Acid Food Grade. Milk powder production process, Gluconic Acid Food Grade is generally used as an additive, in the late production of milk into the mixing and mixing, so that the purpose of filling.
Authentic Gluconic Acid Food Grade product color is white or yellow crystalline particles or powder, depending on the purity of a certain change. Or some white / brown crystalline particles or powder are also regular Gluconic Acid Food Grade, specifically how to analyze the simplest way is to try to choose packaging formal and firm size large formal manufacturers, general chemical products production and sales have strict testing standards, product Generally not fake, but the purity of the points.
Select Gluconic Acid Food Grade, the main note is to pay attention to the purchase of product quality and purity. Purity greater than or equal to 98% of the content of a quality good product, in excess of this type of product will contain a certain content of impurities, such as arsenic salt content is less than equal to 1ppm / ax, lead salt content of 0.001% or less, the sulfate content of less than Equal to 0.05%, chloride content less than or equal to 0.07%, less than 0.5% of the reduced content, etc., which are within the reference range of the Gluconic Acid Food Grade impurity.
Gluconic Acid Food Grade is a kind of viscous, malt-aromatic products made by deep processing of barley malt and extracting its barley essence. Mainly used for instant cereal, corn flakes, digestive bread. The key technology is barley germination, baking, extraction, so that the malt flavor. The product is completely extracted natural nutrients cereals, good water solubility, rich flavor durable, has good flavor and processing characteristics can be widely used in milk, ice cream, baked goods, beverages, snack foods and other products.
First of all, the demand for the market, the summer Gluconic Acid Food Grade demand than the winter and other seasonal demand to be more, so the price may rise above the market supply will be a lot of floating, construction The demand for Gluconic Acid Food Grade increased during the peak season, with orders for chemical companies increasing in the summer and competitive pressures. And then the impact of summer temperatures, high temperature weather will increase the demand for concrete admixtures to speed up the cement hydration reaction time, the cement hydration reaction peak in advance, which caused the cement can not be completed within the specified time construction, hydration Reaction to extend or advance will give us a direct impact on the construction, so the requirements of concrete admixtures will be more stringent.