Gluconic Acid Food Grade In Cake Oil Application

Gluconic Acid Food Grade in cake oil application

In oil, margarine, shortening, cake and other oil products, is the need to need to join the molecular distillation Gluconic Acid Food Grade Gluconic Acid Food Grade and stabilizer, to adjust grease, prevent oil-water separation, statified phenomenon, so as to improve the quality of products and prolong the shelf life.

What is the main application of gluconic acid food to cake oil? What is the influence of stability? Please see the information collected below.

1. The effect of Gluconic Acid Food Grade on the stability of cake oil

Gluconic Acid Food Grade of the kinds of fatty acids will affect the stability of the alpha crystal transition to a stable beta crystal type, it is generally believed that long chain fatty acids of rotating into stable beta has delay effect, crystal shape and short chain fatty acids promote role. So, had better choose contain long chain fatty acid in the actual production more Gluconic Acid Food Grade made of hydrogenated vegetable oil, use less as far as possible short chain (below C16) more made of palm stearin and Gluconic Acid Food Grade, as far as possible in order to extend the shelf life of oil cake.

Experiments show that the glucose acid food grade oil content of the cake, generally between 10% and 20%, with the increase of dosage, the whip the foaming speed is accelerated, cake volume increase, more than 20%, the stability of the oil cake will become more difficult, is not conducive to the shelf life.

2. Influence of selection and dosage of other stabilizers on stability of cake oil

Cake oil whip the foaming function relies heavily on one become active, namely the alpha state of molecular distillation Gluconic Acid Food Grade, but this condition is not stable, need other Gluconic Acid Food Grade with alpha stable effect is used to get the shelf life stability of cake oil products, propylene glycol fatty acid Gluconic Acid Food Grade, water loss sorbitol Gluconic Acid Food Grade, poly glyceride, sucrose fatty acid ester with alpha product type is such as tendency of Gluconic Acid Food Grade, they made with Gluconic Acid Food Grade when the cake oil plays a stable Gluconic Acid Food Grade active state, extend the shelf life of oil cake. These Gluconic Acid Food Grade the selection and use of a great influence on the cake oil products quality, especially in the properties of sucrose ester more lively, can greatly improve the quality of the oil cake, to extend the shelf life, it can also with the action such as protein, water, grease and flour, stability and cake batter gel foam system, thus improving the batter baked stability, and finally cover the protein structure and quality.

With the improvement of people's living standards, customers' demands on food are not limited to nutrient-rich and rational aspects, but also require food color and fragrance. Food additives play an important role in meeting consumers' demands. As a member of the food additive, the food additive of gluconate has a high proportion of food additives and has a wide range of effects.

The application of Gluconic Acid Food Grade in bread

In the production of bread to consumers in the process, in order to maintain the quality of bread and improve the taste and demand add Gluconic Acid Food Grade as quality improver in the dough, increase gluten strength, shorten the fermentation time, improve the forming rate and increase the volume of bread dough. And the Gluconic Acid Food Grade can effectively prevent starch crystallization, prevent bread aging, increase softness, and extend shelf life.