Gluconic Acid Food Grade Use

Gluconic Acid Food Grade use
1. For medicine, regulate the body's acid-base balance, in order to restore the normal role of nerve, based on the same purpose, for food additives;
       The use of molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulations, due to the coordination effect, the corrosion effect is greatly improved; (2) the use of water quality stabilizer, .2 contrast with the general corrosion inhibitor, corrosion rate increases with increasing temperature; ⑶ scale inhibition capacity of the technical requirements of calcium, magnesium, iron salts have a strong complex ability, especially for Fe3 has an excellent chelating effect ; (4) as a circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor, is currently used by other corrosion inhibitors can not match, can achieve the role of pollution;
       3. Used as a steel surface cleaning agent: steel surface such as the need for plating, chrome, tin, nickel to adapt to special purposes, the billet surface are subject to strict cleaning, so that the coating with the steel surface firmly, Cleaning agents to add gluconic acid food grade will achieve a very good effect; 4. for glass bottles for cleaning agents: Gluconic Acid Food Grade as the main formula of glass bottles of professional cleaning agent can improve the following common problems: (Such as phosphate residues); washing water discharged into the public; the washing residue is not ideal; the washing residue is not ideal;
      5. Used as cement admixture: cement to add a certain amount of gluconic acid food grade, can increase the plasticity and strength of concrete, and a blocking effect, that is, delayed the initial and final solidification time of concrete;
      6. Can be used for electroplating, film manufacturing and many other industrial fields. The same time as the above-
      7. For the food industry, because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, it can be used as food additives. Gluconic Acid Food Grade and potassium gluconate have excellent taste threshold. Gluconate food-grade non-irritating, no bitter taste, salt taste close to salt, the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salt, salt (inorganic salt) 5 times, 2.6 times the sodium malate, 16.3 times the sodium lactate. Gluconic Acid Food Grade and potassium gluconate in food processing used to adjust the pH, improve food flavor, instead of salt processing into a healthy low salt or salt (no sodium chloride) food, to enhance human health, enrich people's lives Play a big role.
Gluconic Acid Food Grade storage items
      Operation Notes: closed operation, local exhaust. To prevent the release of dust into the workshop air. Operators must be specially trained to strictly observe the operating procedures. It is recommended that the operator wear self-priming filter dust masks, wear chemical safety glasses, wear rubber acid and alkali clothes, wear rubber acid gloves. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with oxidants, acids, alkalis. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be harmful residues.