Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder In The Chemical Industry

Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder in the chemical industry
Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder at the beginning I do not understand what it means, but according to Xiaobian I find information in all directions finally understand all the truth, you are not looking forward to it, then then look down.
First of all, to explain what the use of Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder for medicine, can regulate the body's acid-base balance in order to restore the normal role of nerves, for the same purpose, for food additives; as a water stabilizer The results show that the corrosion inhibition effect is greatly improved due to the effect of coordination effect. In contrast to the general corrosion inhibitor, it is suitable for the coordination effect of molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten and nitrite. Corrosion rate increases with the temperature increase; scale inhibition capacity of the technical requirements of calcium, magnesium, iron salt has a strong complex ability, especially for Fe3 + has an excellent chelating effect; Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder Attention to the problem, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder non-toxic. Glucono-delta-Lactone powder present in water and its chelate with heavy metal ions can be rapidly and completely degraded by ordinary biochemical treatment. The heavy metal ions released during the degradation process can be removed by precipitation or adsorbed on the sludge formed during the wastewater treatment.
Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder is more valuable and requires caution. In the continuous development of the way may have a different kind of effect.
The concrete strength to improve the method, has always been more concerned about the problem of many manufacturers. In fact, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder can be easily done, the main steps and measures are as follows:
1, the use of Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder, W / C ratio can be reduced, which can increase the strength of concrete, which is a high-quality concrete.
2, large and large weight of the infusion project is more difficult to build. As a result of the addition of Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder, the improvement of the maneuverability of the concrete can not prevent the structural surface from being delayed. As a result, the structural strength can be improved.
3, in the hot areas to maintain W / C than the same and improve the operability is important. A large number of Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder were used in the construction of bridges in the Middle East.
4, in the concrete mixture by adding Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder, can delay the solidification time, which is a long time and difficult to perfusion is very important.
5, now in the concrete industry, the pre-mixed concrete is in the center of the matching system, and then transported out with a mixer truck. In this case, it is important to increase the operability to delay the start of the solidification time.
6, reduce the W / C ratio can be made into higher strength and durability of concrete, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder can be used to achieve this purpose. This is very important for high strength reinforced concrete.
7, prefabricated masonry mortar must be used for a long time. Join Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder to extend your working period.
8, oil well irrigation mud is difficult to operate because of the high temperature, adding Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder after the mud can work at 170 ℃ temperature for several hours.
Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder may not have learned much about it in our lives, but it is actually very widely used in industry. Its use covers almost every industry, from the construction industry to the textile industry, and then to the concrete industry and other related industries can Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder manufacturers to see its shadow. Xiaobian today to come and share with you some of its role.
First it is a very effective cleaning agent, can produce a very good effect on the steel surface. Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder as a special material, it can steel surface and the effective combination of the coating to make a good prerequisite for the surface can be completely removed. Second, in the cement to add a small amount of ingredients can increase its plasticity and its strength, in the high temperature season construction, then how to Wujiang Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder to delay the cement solidification time is more difficult, this time Glucono-delta -Lactone Powder will be able to solve this problem, although in the country has not yet been further promoted, but its development prospects are still considerable.