Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder Uses Three Points In Autumn

Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder uses three points in autumn
    With the changing weather, the autumn temperature gradually reduced, the construction of construction methods and materials used are constantly changing, the amount of admixture products should also be changed. Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder is the most common admixture product used in summer construction. It is mainly used as a water reducing agent and retarder. In the autumn, the temperature is reduced and the acceleration efficiency of the cement hydration reaction is reduced by the ambient temperature. The use of admixture products has also changed.
    In this paper, we use the Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder products in the autumn of the simple use of five points to note: 1, reduce the amount of summer temperatures will accelerate the cement hydration reaction, the fall of the temperature drop, the corresponding reduction in hydration efficiency, The same time the material of plasticizing time, can be appropriate to reduce some of the amount;
    2, the product model to note that the summer more use of some of the role of relatively high admixture, the fall of the time can be appropriate to replace, the use of some relatively small effect of the admixture products;
    3, the composite product selection should pay attention to: the use of less water in early summer dosage of early strength agent products, and with the temperature reduction, the Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder demand for additives will change the use of antifreeze-type early strength agent products, so with the Temperature changes, the use of admixtures according to the environment, temperature and other factors to the appropriate scientific adjustment to use.
 Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder not only prolongs the coagulation time of cement concrete, keeps the concrete in plastic for a long time, it can be poured to improve the construction efficiency, but also delay the hydration of cement and reduce the occurrence of cracks. Therefore, it is used extensively in mass concrete, pumping concrete, hot weather construction and some special construction processes.
    Although the coagulation time of cement paste is not directly related to the coagulation time of concrete, the settling time of cement paste can reflect the coagulation time of concrete to a certain extent. For Glucono-delta-Lactone powder retarder and cement The countermeasures are as follows: strict control of raw materials, prevention of concrete condensation occurs, in the project to deal with each batch of cement, each batch of admixtures for quality testing, to seek the technical characteristics of raw materials, purchase and use of qualified raw materials.
    Ingredients should be initially carried out retarder and cement adaptability test, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder retarder and cement is not suited to cause abnormal condensation, so the project should be based on different cement, the retarder and cement adaptability test, select the appropriate Of the retarder to determine the appropriate dosage. And according to the design and construction requirements, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder combined with the use of materials used in the field test to determine a reasonable mix of construction and the best amount of retarder. Because each kind of retarder has the proper dosage, the dosage is too large not only economically unreasonable, but also may cause coagulation, excessive retardation and other abnormal phenomena or cause bleeding and affect the quality of the project.
    Determine the mixing system to ensure the quality of concrete. The concrete mixing system includes many aspects, such as the order of mixing of raw materials, stirring time, stirring speed, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder concrete man time and other parameters. In order to avoid the admixture and cement incompatible, in addition to strict control of raw materials, the choice of a reasonable system of concrete mixing is also very important. Such as mixing time will affect the dispersion of the mixed components of concrete uniformity, thus affecting the work of fresh concrete.
    Retarder mixing and the time and order of the different, Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder the coagulation and hardening of concrete and work performance have a great impact. It is good for the condensed cement with dipped gypsum to choose the retarding agent or the water retention method to normal hydration and hardening of the concrete and to maintain good working performance. Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder It is possible to effectively prevent the abnormal coagulation of the coagulant during the mixing process by reasonable adjustment of the mixing system which may lead to false coagulation.