Glucono-delta-Lactone Powder What Is Glucono-δ-lactone

 What is glucono-δ-lactone Glucono-δ-lactone is abbreviated as lactone or GDL, molecular formula C6Hl0O6, relative molecular weight 178.14. White crystal or white crystalline powder, almost odorless, was taste sweet first acid. soluble in water. Glucono-δ-lactone used as a coagulant, mainly for the production of tofu, but also as a milk products, protein coagulant

  White crystalline or crystalline powder, almost odorless, taste sweet after the acid (with gluconic acid taste different). Soluble in water (60g / 100mL), slightly soluble in ethanol (1g / 100mL), almost insoluble in ether, in water hydrolysis of gluconic acid and its δ-lactone and r-inner vinegar balanced mixture. 1% aqueous solution pH is equal to 3.5, 2h after the change to pH2.5. This product with 5% to 10% of calcium stearate coated, even for hygroscopic products, is also very stable. It decomposes at about 153 ° C.


  (1) decomposing calcium gluconate with acid, dehydrating the ion exchange resin, concentrating the gluconic acid solution below 80 ° C to about 80%, adding the glucono-δ-lactone seed crystal at 40 to 45 ° C In the evaporation of the vacuum, when there is 1/2 of gluconic acid lactone precipitation in the form of crystallization, stop evaporation, ion separation, washing with cold water, dried, the finished product.

  (2) directly with gluconic acid solution, at 40 ~ 45 ℃ under reduced pressure and then further made.

  Identification method

  (1) Add 1 drop of ferric chloride solution (1 + 10) to 1mL of the product solution (1 + 50), dark yellow.

  (2) Add 5 mL of the solution (1 + 10) to 0.7 mL of acetic acid and 1 mL of freshly distilled phenylhydrazine, heat on a water bath for 30 min, cool and wipe the inner wall with a glass rod to promote crystallization. The resulting crystalline melting point is 196 ~ 202 ℃.

  Toxicology test

  1. LD50 rabbit intravenous injection of 7.63g / kg body weight.

  2. GRAS FDA-21CFR 184.1318.

  3. ADI is not required (FAO / WHO, 1994).

  4. Metabolites taking this product, the dose of 167mg / kg body weight, 7h after discharge from the urine 7.7% to 15%, no abnormal urine


  Stabilizing and coagulating agents, sour agents, chelating agents.

  Precautions for use

  (1) This product in aqueous solution to produce gluconic acid, the protein coagulation, the effect than calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and salt brine good. Made with the goods tofu good water retention, fine texture, Huanen delicious, and has a preservative effect.

  (2) as a preservative, the mold and the general bacteria with anti-corrosion effect, can be used for fish, meat, poultry, shrimp and other preservative preservation, so that the appearance of glossy products, not browning, while maintaining the elasticity of meat.

  (3) as a loose agent, the product compatibility with sodium bicarbonate, made of baking powder. Heating gluconic acid and sodium bicarbonate reaction, resulting in carbon dioxide, bulky effect is good, no smell. Particularly suitable for pastries, fried foods and so on.

  Use range and usage

  (GB2760-2011) provides: can be used for fresh fish and shrimp, the maximum use of 0.1g / kg, residual less than 0.0lmg / kg, for sausage (sausage), meat emulsion Products, grape juice, soy products (tofu, Douhua), the maximum amount of 3.0g / kg; for baking powder, according to the production needs of appropriate use. Glucono-δ-lactone used as a coagulant, mainly for the production of tofu, but also as milk products, protein coagulant, yogurt and cheese. FAO / WHO (1984) stipulates that the amount of lunch meat and cooked minced meat is 3g / kg [1].

  (2) FAO / WHO (1984) provides: can be used for lunch meat, meat emulsion, limited to 3g / kg.

  (3) the actual use of reference

  ① production of tofu, according to the per kilogram of soy milk plus the goods 2.5 ~ 2.6g. Can be dissolved in a small amount of water, and then add soy milk, or will add this product of soybean milk cans, water heating to 80 ℃, protection 15min, can be cemented tofu.

  ② This product and sodium bicarbonate by 2: 1 mixed into a baking powder, the amount of sour agent can account for 50% to 70%. Can be used for biscuits, fried noodles and bread, especially for the cake, the amount of wheat flour is about 0.13%.

  ③ luncheon meat, sausage, sausage, etc. to join 0.3% of the goods, can make products bright color, good water holding, flexible, and has a preservative effect, but also reduce the production of nitrosamines in the product.

  ④ as a chelating agent, can be used for grape juice or other berries, add this product to prevent the formation of tartar. For dairy products, can prevent the formation of milk.

  ⑤ This product can be used for fruit juice drinks and jelly as sour agent, can also be formulated with sodium bicarbonate into a high-level beverage, not only strong gas production, and can slowly hydrolyze gluconic acid, with cool and delicious and no stimulation of the stomach characteristics.