How Does Gluconic Acid 50% Solution Affect Concrete Strength?

The use of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution instead of powder in concrete is common in the summer, and when it is used in the 3: 1 ratio instead of the powder, the effect on the initial slump and slump loss of concrete is essentially the same The The effect of concrete on the above, early and late effects of different, while the different effects of different intensity. If the amount of liquid used is three times the amount of powder, both in 7 days, 28 days, 60 days under the amount of pressure under the development of consistent strength, the intensity is basically the same.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution's compatibility is very fast and can be used in conjunction with other admixture products, helping to plasticize and enhance the performance of your image. When the liquid is used in the pumping agent three times, the effect of solidification time, slump, slump on the concrete loss and concrete strength is consistent with the effect of the effect of the liquid, the effective composition and the effective composition The powder is basically the same.
Liquid ratio of 3.1 or 3.2, when the concrete condensation time, slump, slump loss and strength than the powder to be obvious, the use of liquid products, the cost is relatively low, because the liquid product production process without crystallization, Drying and other processes, the product itself will not have a negative impact on the molecular structure, to solve energy consumption and labor, cost is high. Powder production process is relatively complex, but in the transport above the liquid than the convenience of specific users can use according to their own needs to choose.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is a highly versatile polyhydroxy organic acid salt recognized by the industry and the user. It is a deep processing product of glucose and is an industrial grade standard gluconolactone, gluconate (zinc, copper, Ferrous salt) and other basic raw materials, in food and other industries can be used as nutritional supplements, curing agents, buffers and so on.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is highly toxic, has good thermal stability and is incompatible and has a wide range of raw materials. It is widely used in water treatment, electroplating, metal and nonmetal due to the excellent chelating properties of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution. Surface cleaning and cement production and other industrial sectors, in the chemical industry, food, medicine, light industry and other industries have a wide range of uses.
In particular, in the construction of cement, the use of cement admixtures, with each city's high-rise buildings and the development of urban mixing stations, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution as a concrete construction water reducing agent and retarder used, made considerable Was recognized as a good effect, and in the world has been widely promoted, widely used.
From a technical point of view, China's use of microbial fermentation process production process Gluconic Acid 50% Solution to today, the fermentation level and extraction process and many other indicators have reached the world advanced level. And in some respects has exceeded the international level.
From the supply point of view, China's current Gluconic Acid 50% Solution manufacturers, most of the distribution in the corn origin or the main producing areas. In recent years, China's gluconic acid construction and expansion projects increased. The next few years, with the Gluconic Acid 50% Solution applications continue to expand and international and domestic market demand, domestic production enterprises in order to ensure that enterprises in the industry status, will continue to improve production capacity; and energy, Enterprises will also join the industry. Industry capacity will be further expanded.
From the point of view of demand, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution as a new industry, the concrete market is large, especially in recent years, the production of fermentation production applications to the development of vitality, the characteristics of fermentation with high sugar, high temperature, low cycle, production lines Short of the huge advantages of its manufacturing costs are low, all organic acid industry is rare. Over the next few years, with the development of the domestic economy, the demand for Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is strong.