How Does Gluconic Acid 50% Solution Work In Industry?

How does Gluconic Acid 50% Solution work in industry?
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, also known as sodium pentahydroxyhexanoate, is a very versatile polyhydroxy organic acid salt, in medicine, food, water quality stabilizer, steel surface cleaning agent, glass bottle cleaning agent, cement admixture And so has a wide range of uses.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution Demand in the world at 500,000 tons / year, will grow 3-5% per year, and the current production and demand is very different, is a good market prospects of the product.
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is widely used in industry and is widely used as a concrete admixture (water reducing agent and retarder) in the construction industry. It is a sunrise industry and a promising industry.
China is still in the period of large-scale construction, a large number of key projects are being carried out and planning a large and medium-sized cities in the subway, civil aviation airport, high-speed railway network, southwest hydropower construction.
Its water reduction, plasticizing, retarding effect is very significant, can greatly improve the workability of concrete, reduce slump loss, improve the late strength of concrete, as a retarder can make the initial setting time from a few hours to a few Days without loss of strength.
But also for a wide range of pumping concrete, large flow of concrete, mass concrete, high strength concrete can be used.
As an important raw material in the concrete, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution admixture there is a lot of room for development.
In general industrial materials (such as grain) containing glucose as a raw material, first by fermentation using glucose prepared gluconic acid, then neutralized, to obtain Gluconic Acid 50% Solution of sodium hydroxide, may also be employed electrolysis And oxidation synthesis.
Sometimes we need to solidify the concrete at first, but may just plastic good, not how long it will die, it is possible to solidify to the time when the hardness has been, and this time we want to do?
Gluconic Acid 50% Solution can delay the initial and final solidification period of concrete, such as adding 0.15% Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, which can extend the initial settling time of concrete by more than 10 times. That is, the plastic molding time of concrete from a few hours to a few days without affecting its fastness. Plastic and delay the initial setting time is a very important issue in concrete operations, such as high-temperature season in construction and large-scale engineering operations, delaying the initial setting time is a problem, Gluconic Acid 50% Solution can successfully solve this problem.
In addition, it is difficult to glue the oil well at high temperature. The addition of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is concrete at 170 ℃ for several hours, so it can solve the above problems satisfactorily. So Gluconic Acid 50% Solution as a cement admixture in foreign countries has been heavily used in important construction projects, such as a large number of bridges in the Middle East. But our domestic application in this area has not yet been applied, it is said that in the papermaking wastewater extraction of sodium cellulose sulfonate, the effect and Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is simply comparable. In addition can also be used in electroplating, film manufacturing industry.
    As a polyhydroxycarboxylic acid type excellent corrosion inhibitor Gluconic Acid 50% Solution, due to the above-mentioned many specific properties, such as in the application of technology willing to work hard, will be developed into a large industry.