Introduction To The Amount Of Sodium Gluconate

Introduction to the amount of Sodium Gluconate
   Sodium Gluconate in the use of concrete engineering is a strict standard, the use of construction in the scientific configuration of the conditions, with scientific and reasonable requirements to produce the deployment. Only in accordance with the standard use to use, in order to play the role of Sodium Gluconate in the construction of various projects in order to play a better effect. And less than the standard use, or more than the standard use, will be in performance or performance with more or less reduction.
    In ordinary concrete projects, the standard usage is generally between 0.05 and 1.0, and in general, more than 0.7 of the use of concrete in the performance of the other have a certain degree of weakness. 20 ℃ temperature conditions, play a retarding effect for several hours to use the amount of 0.075; at 20 ℃ temperature, want to reach more hours, the proposed use of 0.15; and at room temperature 20 ℃, want To achieve the effect of retardation within 2 days, the standard amount of mortar concrete admixture is 0.25.
    In high temperature conditions, similar to the well operation, similar to 170 ℃ high temperature, concrete is more likely to solidify, and more prone to cracks and other issues, so the need to use more in order to achieve the desired retardation effect, generally in this case The use of 1.00, and the configuration of super-strength plasticized concrete required to use the amount of 1.00. Daily life in the normal requirements of the use of plastic surgery is generally 0.05, basically we can achieve our basic construction of concrete retarder requirements. However, the specific circumstances of the specific use, in the special needs of the environment, we must use the special requirements of the use of the.
  Authentic Sodium Gluconate product color is white or yellow crystalline particles or powder, depending on the purity of a certain change. Or some white / brown crystalline particles or powder is also a regular Sodium Gluconate, specifically how to analyze the simple method is to try to choose the regular packaging and large-scale manufacturers of enterprises, the general production and sales of chemical products have a strict testing standards, the product in general Not fake, but there are points of high and low purity.
    Select Sodium Gluconate, the main note is to pay attention to the purchase of product quality and purity. If the content of arsenic is less than or equal to 1ppm / ax, the lead salt content is less than or equal to 0.001%, and the sulfate content is less than or equal to the content of the salt, and the content of the salt is less than or equal to Equal to 0.05%, the chloride content is less than or equal to 0.07%, the reducing matter content is less than or equal to 0.5%, etc., which are within the reference range of Sodium Gluconate impurities.
Sodium Gluconate as a water treatment
    Because Sodium Gluconate has excellent corrosion and scale inhibition, it is widely used in water quality stabilizer. Xiaobian today and we talk about the role of Sodium Gluconate.
    1. There is a clear coordination effect. Applicable to molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulations, due to the coordination effect, corrosion effect greatly improved.
    2. Corrosion rate increases with increasing temperature. General corrosion inhibitor with the temperature rise and decline in corrosion rate, or even completely lost its role. However, Sodium Gluconate on the contrary, the inhibition rate in a certain range with the temperature rise, so the gluconate this strange nature of the higher temperature of the system or from low temperature to high temperature of the temperature change system for corrosion The use of the agent is very desirable.
    3. Scale inhibition: calcium, magnesium, iron salts have a strong ability to complex, so the ability to scale very strong, especially for Fe3 + have excellent chelating effect, even within the full PH range of the role.
   4. off harm. The use of Sodium Gluconate as a circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor, to achieve pollution, which is currently used in other corrosion inhibitors can not match the advantages.