Product Performance And Use Of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution

Product performance and use of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution

In food processing, each manufacturer is found often can appear the phenomenon of oil-water separation, no matter how we stirring, shock, static put after a period of time, still can appear statified phenomenon. In the process of production and processing, the emulsifier is added to avoid and prevent the separation, separation, stratification and precipitation of food and beverage, so as to improve the product quality and extend the target of shelf life.

And 50% of the solution of glucose, known as single, diglyceride fatty acid ester, is the property of good emulsification, dispersal and stabilizing effect.

1. Starch anti-aging effect of Gluconic Acid 50% Solution acid:

Gluconate solution can form complex with protein and starch 50%, and amylose form insoluble complex can prevent starch recrystallization after cold, prevent aging starch retrogradation, thus make bread, cake, potato products such as the starchy food for a long time to keep fresh and soft.

At present, the food emulsifier type of the application is compared with its direct chain starch complexation effect, and the maximum of the complexation index is 50% of the solution of the distillation of glucose acid.

2. 50% solution of gluconate can improve the crystallization of oil.

Glucose acid 50% solution can orientational alignment on the oil surface, have the effect of control and stable oil crystallization, especially the oil products such as margarine and shortening, to improve the plasticity and ductility, can prevent the formation of oil layers, and so on.

The application and effect of 50% solution in food industry

1. Application of dairy products and beverages:

The Gluconic Acid 50% Solution can improve the stability of fat and protein, prevent stratification and precipitation, and improve dispersibility. Ice cream can make drinks have a good taste of large amount of microbubbles.

2. Application of ice cream:

The Gluconic Acid 50% Solution is the ideal emulsifier and stabilizer for high quality ice cream, which can prevent the formation of large ice crystals, increase the smooth and smooth taste of the young, and improve the stability and stability. The bubbling can improve the bubbling ability of the mixture in the freezing process and refine the bubbles to stabilize it. Improvement of the protection type, increase the heat resistance of ice cream at room temperature; The storage improvement reduces the change of the products in the storage.

3. Application of grease products:

Glucose acid 50% solution used in margarine, butter, shortening, peanut butter, coconut sauce, oyster sauce and other products, can adjust grease crystallization, to improve the stability of the water-in-oil system, prevent oil-water separation, and improve the shortening and other ingredients of hybrid and beat up the onset; It can be applied to dairy products, such as milk, milk powder, cheese, instant whole milk powder, etc., which can improve the solubility, prevent product precipitation and lump granulation. It can also be used in powdered non-oil products such as coffee partners as emulsifiers.

4. Application of bread products:

Glucose acid solutions of 50% add the bread products, can control and improve the crystallization of grease, improve the taste, and can improve the crumb structure, slow hardening and prolong the shelf life, also can complexing and raw material of protein and fat, improve food structure and the rheological characteristics, strengthen the dough strength.

5. Application of candy and chocolate:

A Gluconic Acid 50% Solution acid can be used to enhance the quality of confectionery by using its anti-oil, conformal, enhanced, inhibiting crystallization, reducing viscosity, enhancing the taste and softness, etc. In candy and chocolate, it is easy to disperse the oil, reduce the viscosity of the paste and the crystallinity of sugar, and improve the product quality. In chewing gum, it also reduces viscosity, increases the plasticity of the gel, and prevents the product from sticking to its teeth.