Sodium Gluconate Market Demand Rose Steadily

Sodium Gluconate market demand rose steadily
Sodium Gluconate is an important organic acid, Sodium Gluconate industrial production mainly starch fermentation and chemical synthesis. When the fermentation method is used, the optical isomers such as L (+), D (-) and a certain proportion of the mixture or racemate can be obtained according to the Sodium Gluconate and the fermentation conditions. Production by synthetic method can only get racemate, that is, DL type Sodium Gluconate.
Sodium Gluconate is mainly used in food, medicine and other fields. As food, medicine additives and raw materials, the most important thing is safety. Sodium Gluconate in the fermentation of Sodium Gluconate, raw materials for natural starch, and fermentation of Sodium Gluconate is the body's energy metabolism of ATP produced by the material, very safe. The current global demand for fermented food increased rapidly, the average annual growth rate of about 15%, so the fermentation of Sodium Gluconate international market demand continues to increase. China has sufficient fermentation production of Sodium Gluconate raw materials, and in recent years, China's production of Sodium Gluconate and its salts, esters are increasingly favored by foreign investors, so China's fermentation of Sodium Gluconate industry prospects.

Production and application of China's current production of Sodium Gluconate fermentation more than 20, the production capacity of about 20,000 tons, the annual output of about 12,000 tons, the main manufacturer of Hubei Wei Kang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao gluconate plant, Suzhou glucose Sodium sodium plant, Shanghai Chongming gluconate plant, Wuxi second pharmaceutical factory, Shenyang Sodium Gluconate plant and Hebei Handan Sodium Gluconate plant. These enterprises all use intermittent fermentation method, mainly corn and potato dry starch as raw material, the production scale is small, most manufacturers production capacity is not more than 1000 tons, the technology is not mature, the product quality is unstable, the product grade is low, the optical purity is not high, the environment Pollution is more serious, urgent improvement and adjustment.

As Sodium Gluconate on the human body without side effects, easy to absorb, can be directly involved in the body metabolism, is widely used in food processing industry, in the brewing process, adding Sodium Gluconate, both to control the invasion of bacteria, but also to promote saccharification, The yield of wine, to extend the shelf life of beer. Sodium Gluconate derivatives Gluconate sodium and Sodium Gluconate are more widely used in food, such as Sodium Gluconate as calcium nutrition enhancer, Sodium Gluconate ferrous iron as iron enhancer, Sodium Gluconate as Zinc enhancer, widely used in food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Sodium Gluconate as a food preservative, flavoring agent, antifreeze, humectant, sodium Sodium Gluconate in foreign countries has been part of the alternative sodium benzoate as a preservative used in the food industry. Sodium Gluconate is used in crispy cakes, sodium ethyl gluconate is a commonly used spice. Sodium stearyl gluconate and sodium stearate sodium can be combined with gluten in the dough and react chemically with the starch in the dough, changing the bread's internal structure, making the bread loose and soft 20% of Sodium Gluconate production was used to prepare sodium and sodium stearyl gluconate.

Development prospects Due to the extensive and growing use of fermented Sodium Gluconate, the development of fermented Sodium Gluconate derivatives has increased year by year. In recent years, the demand for Sodium Gluconate in the world has increased rapidly. In 1990, the total demand of Sodium Gluconate in the world was about To 100,000 tons, to 1999 has exceeded 250,000 tons, it is predicted that the next five years the international market of high quality fermentation Sodium Gluconate demand will continue to increase, the world's annual growth rate of fermented gluconate will be 6% ~ 8%, Western Europe, North America and other industrial developed areas demand will be an annual rate of 8% to 10% increase. In the 21st century, the world's environmental awareness is growing, with the environmental requirements continue to improve, as a safe natural high boiling point solvents, pharmaceutical raw materials and biodegradable plastics raw materials, the world's demand for Sodium Gluconate fermentation will grow steadily.