The Basic Characteristics And Use Of Gluconic Acid Food Grade

The basic characteristics and use of Gluconic Acid Food Grade
Gluconic Acid Food Grade non-toxic, present in the water Gluconic Acid Food Grade and its heavy metal ions with the formation of chelate, through the ordinary biochemical treatment quickly and completely degraded. The heavy metal ions released during the degradation process can be removed by precipitation or adsorbed on the sludge formed during the wastewater treatment. Today, we have to talk about some of the basic knowledge of chemical raw materials, if you are interested in chemical raw materials, then with Xiaobian together to listen to gluconate food-grade marketers to talk about it about the basic content of it The
Gluconic Acid Food Grade in the chemical industry is very widely used, it can be used in construction, printing, textile and other industries, the following we have to look at the characteristics of Gluconic Acid Food Grade and application of it First, it can be used as a steel surface cleaner; second can also be used as a cement admixture; again can also be used in the construction industry, Gluconic Acid Food Grade can be used as a blending agent in concrete, its function in concrete as follows : Water reducing agent and retarder. Gluconic Acid Food Grade is generally used alone, but can also be used with other retarders such as carbohydrates and phosphates.
In addition Gluconic Acid Food Grade can also be used as a retarder and glass cleaning agent, can also be used as a water quality stabilizer, etc. In short, it has a lot of efficacy, in all walks of life almost all get Gluconic Acid Food Grade.
Gluconic Acid Food Grade in the industrial application is very extensive, we in the construction, textile, printing and dyeing industries can see its shadow, it can be said that Gluconic Acid Food Grade is a very important chemical raw materials. Since it is universal and important, then we need to understand its related knowledge. Today we mainly talk about the Gluconic Acid Food Grade in the concrete play an important role.
When a certain amount of gluconic acid is added to the cement, it will have a very good effect on the concrete, not only to increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, but also to block the initial and final solidification period of the concrete. For example, adding 0.15% Gluconic Acid Food Grade, the concrete can be the initial setting time more than 10 times longer, that is, the plastic plastic time from a few hours extended to a few days, without affecting its fastness. Plasticity and retardation The initial setting time is a very important problem in concrete operations. For example, in the high temperature season construction and large engineering operations, it is a difficult problem to delay the initial setting time. The Gluconic Acid Food Grade can satisfactorily solve this problem. In addition, high temperature bonding oil wells is more difficult to add Gluconic Acid Food Grade concrete at 170 ℃ high temperature, within a few hours plastic, it can also satisfactorily solve the problem.
Compared to the original decolorization technology, the new Gluconic Acid Food Grade decolorization technology in personnel with a substantial reduction in the original each class to be equipped with six individuals, and because often contact with activated carbon, so the environment is very bad for the human body, Belong to the operation of heavy metal physical labor, labor intensity, and now the operation only one class per person, to open the pump, for the valve.
The original decolorization method has a greater impact on the environment. In the new process, we have used the waste water to be discharged into the boiler, the desulfurization of the flue gas and the recycling of the non-acid water. The use of granular activated carbon long service life, can be recycled. Need to be dealt with when the boiler is burned, thereby reducing pollution and protecting the environment.
The new process only need to feed the material into the carbon column can be, will decolorize and filter one step in place, decolorization liquid directly to meet the standard, no longer need complicated process 4, thereby increasing the yield. The new process of Gluconic Acid Food Grade decolorization quality than the original to achieve a steady improvement, decolorization of the pass rate from the original 80% to 95%, and the quality is also significantly improved, a crystallization can reach food-grade standards.