The Benefits Of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate To The Human Body

The benefits of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate to the human body
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate We all know that it is by its various types of starch as raw material, by enzymatic process low degree of control hydrolysis conversion, purification, drying made. The raw material is starchy corn, rice and so on. It can also be refined starch, such as corn starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch and so on. It has the characteristics of low sweetness, no smell, easy digestion, low heat, good solubility, little fermentation, good filling effect, good moisture absorption, strong thickening, good carrier, good stability and difficult to deteriorate.
    What is his benefit to the human body?
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate also contains a lot of polysaccharides, can be used as a supplementary sugar foods.
    In addition, because it also contains calcium, iron and other beneficial trace elements and minerals, can supplement the human body lack of trace elements, and can promote the body's normal material metabolism.
  Authentic Food Grade Sodium Gluconate product color is white or yellow crystalline particles or powder, depending on the purity of a certain change. Or some white / brown crystalline particles or powder is also a regular Food Grade Sodium Gluconate, specifically how to analyze the simple method is to try to choose the regular packaging and large-scale manufacturers of enterprises, the general production and sales of chemical products have a strict testing standards, Products are generally not fake, but the purity of the points.
    Select the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate, the main note is to pay attention to the purchase of product quality and purity. If the content of arsenic is less than or equal to 1ppm / ax, the lead salt content is less than or equal to 0.001%, and the sulfate content is less than or equal to the content of the salt, and the content of the salt is less than or equal to Equal to 0.05%, the chloride content is less than or equal to 0.07%, the reducing matter content is less than or equal to 0.5%, etc., which will be in the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate impurities within the reference range.
 Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is an inexpensive carbohydrate that acts as a filler in the production of milk powder and can extend the shelf life of the product and reduce the cost of production. However, the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate added milk powder on the baby's growth and development can not play a significant role in promoting.
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate itself is no harm, but excessive addition will lead to lack of nutrition of the milk powder, the baby needs to be converted to increase the burden of liver and kidney, can not absorb other nutrients, milk powder in this low-priced substances added more, Other nutrients will be less. According to the industry stakeholders, milk powder production process of ingredients, can not add Food Grade Sodium Gluconate. Milk powder production process, the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is generally used as an additive in the late production of milk into the mixing and mixing to achieve the purpose of filling.
  Food Grade Sodium Gluconate, also known as water-soluble dextrin or enzymatic dextrin. It is a variety of starch as a raw material, the enzymatic process of low degree of control of hydrolysis, purification, drying made. And its raw materials are starchy corn, rice and so on. It can also be refined starch, such as corn starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch and so on. What food-grade sodium gluconate can be used in candy, biscuits and frozen foods?
    For candy, you can increase the toughness of candy, Food Grade Sodium Gluconate while preventing the candy from the sand and molten, can also improve the structure of candy. Can reduce the sweetness of candy, reduce the consumption of candy when the dental disease can also reduce the phenomenon of sticky teeth to improve the flavor, to prevent deliquescence, to extend the shelf life of time. Reference dosage is generally 10% to 30%.
    For biscuits or other convenient food, Food Grade Sodium Gluconate you can make the shape full, increase the surface smoothness, improve the color of food, so that the appearance of better results. Products crisp and delicious, sweet moderate, the entrance does not stick teeth, no residue, less defective, shelf life is also long. Reference dosage is generally 5% to 10%.