The Complex Knowledge Of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate

The complex knowledge of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate

A variety of single emulsifier often have the limitation of nature, only undertake complex match, can play emulsifier adequately, obtain the coordination effect.

There are three common types of sodium gluconate in the common food grade: the first type is the quality of the emulsifying agent of different properties, which can produce synergistic effect. The second type is the food additive of food grade gluconate and antioxidant, sweetener, edible pigment, antiseptic, etc. The third type is based on the particularity and use of the food processing technology, with one emulsifying agent and a small number of adding 1-2 kinds or various adjuvants. At present, it is widely used for the combination of food grade gluconate and other food additives.

Food Grade Sodium Gluconate compound with technology in general should be determined by a lot of experimental formula, for all kinds of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of, master certain distribution principle and use of skills, good effect can be achieved.

There are several methods for Food Grade Sodium Gluconate complex.

A non-ionic emulsifier complex with two hydrophilic oil balance values. Among them, the HLB value is small oil-wet emulsifier, its tail enters the oil phase; Another hydrophilic emulsifier with large HLB value, whose tail is located at the interface, increases the effective volume and is closer to the critical value.

2. Use ion and non-ionic emulsifiers to rematch. In the production practice, generally speaking, nonionic emulsifier emulsifying ability is stronger, the ionic and nonionic emulsifier mixing, superior to use an emulsifier, emulsifying activity and surface activity will be stable for a long period of time.

3. Compound the emulsifier with similar structure. Structure similar to that of mixed emulsifier used, the coordination effect of have more apparent, especially when a derivative of the emulsifier for another kind of emulsifier, mix the two kinds of emulsifier used by certain proportion can obtain a satisfactory result.

The application of emulsifier in ice cream

Ice cream is a kind of fat content is higher (16% 20%), frozen food, in the process of making type emulsifier, form a stable oil-in-water type emulsion, prevent the phase separation, improve the organizational structure of ice-cream, prevent frost phenomenon, form fine uniform bubbles and ice crystals. After adding emulsifier, it can save 50% of the beating time before achieving the same emulsification effect.

The application of emulsifier in beverage

Add food grade gluconate to drink, can be fragrant, help dissolve, emulsify dispersive effect, still have antioxidant effect in contain milk beverage.

Food Grade Sodium Gluconate in addition to the above application, can also be used in cakes, chocolates, sausages, emulsifying essence, noodles, instant noodles and jam of food production, can be said to be the most widely used. And emulsifier in human digestion projects can be decomposed into fatty acids and polyols, absorbed by the body, or out of the body, harmless to human body, can be said to be the market will be more and more big, market will be more and more widely applied.