The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate Is Directly Derived From The Fermentation Of Glucose

The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is directly derived from the fermentation of glucose
    Industry is usually rich in glucose-based material as the material, the use of fermentation by the first glucose gluconic acid, and then by the sodium hydroxide and neutralization, you can get the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate, can also use electrolysis and oxidation composition The Most of our selection of chemical oxidation method - sub-bromine oxidation production composition. The same time as
    Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate can also be obtained directly from the fermentation of glucose. At this point, the composition of the fermentation base can be: glucose 250-350g / L, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 0.2-0.3g / L, diammonium phosphate or urea 0.4-0.5g / L. The substrate must be sterilized. Fermentation process, the temperature control of 30-32 degrees, pH with 30% -50% sodium hydroxide control method for the 5.5-6.5, the fermentation process to continue 40-100h. Then, after filtration and scrubbing to remove the microorganisms, activated carbon decolorization, re-filtration, concentrated results or spray drying derived products.
    Sodium gluconate is non-toxic. The presence of technologically active sodium gluconate and its chelates with heavy metal ions in the water can be agile and thoroughly degraded by general biochemical treatment. The heavy metal ions released during the degradation process can be removed by deposition or adsorbed on the sludge formed during the wastewater treatment process.
 The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is usually used alone, but it can also be used in conjunction with other retarders such as carbohydrate phosphate. The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is a crystalline powder. Is produced under the conditions of proper control of the rules. This compound is chemically pure and non-corrosive. Quality is stable. This feature can help it in the use of solid and repetitive results. Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate as a water reducing agent to participate in the water reducing agent, water to cement ratio (W / C) can be reduced.
     Water and content remain unchanged and water content drop, W / C ratio remains unchanged. At this point, the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate as a cement reducing agent. Typically, the following two aspects of the function of concrete is very important: shortening and producing heat. Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate as a retarder, the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate can significantly delay the beginning of the concrete and the end of the condensation time. When the dosage is 0.15% or less, the logarithm of the beginning of the condensation is proportional to the amount of the cooperation, that is, the amount added is doubled. The time to start the condensation was delayed by 10 times, which enabled the moment of operation from a few hours to a few days without compromising the strength of the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate.
     Lignosulfonate can be used as a water reducing agent, but a larger dose is used to reach the same water reduction. Participation in the same amount of sodium lignosulfonate and sodium gluconate can produce a longer time to start coagulation than the single-use sodium gluconate, thus making the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate useful for both. Hydroxycarboxylates in addition to gluconic acid plus citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid and geranic acid (gluconic acid) can also be used as retarder. In this polyhydroxy acid, it is most useful for concrete to use sodium gluconate. In fact the wine acid has been used in the gypsum industry to reach this intention.
     Various carbohydrates are also used as admixtures in concrete. Glucose is used as a reducing agent in concrete for worse than the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate. In the use of sulfonated xylamine formaldehyde condensate (SMF) as a superplasticizer in the concrete formulation, as a retarder, the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is more useful than sucrose.
 Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is a sodium polyhydroxycarboxylate, chemical name: sodium pentahydroxy acid, its physical properties are white or light yellow crystalline powder or particles, and it is easy to dissolve in water, , Not to alcohol, there are salty.
    Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate has many uses, such as its industrial products, widely used in the construction industry as a cement retarder, can be useful to avoid the commercial concrete transport process of condensation, caking appearance; other can also be used For steel appearance scavenger, glass bottles for cleaning agents, scale and corrosion inhibitor. Also in the food grade and pharmaceutical grade products, can adjust the body's acid-base balance, to ensure the normal effect of nerve, useful to avoid the onset of low-satisfied syndrome, as food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates.