There Are Five Reasons Why The Technology Can't Replace The Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate

There are five reasons why the technology can't replace the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate

Why is there no substitute for Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate? What makes it so important?

It is the five main functions that make it the most important function and purpose to make the technique of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate.

1. Used as cleaning agent for steel surface:

Steel surface for plating bowls, chrome plating, tin plating, nickel plating, to adapt to the special purpose, such as tin, galvanized sheet, chrome plated surface (electric), etc., the billet surface must be carefully cleaned.

When the coating is firmly combined with the steel surface, it will be ideal to add the technical level of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate to the cleaning agent.

2. Used as cement mixtures:

After adding a certain amount of technical level of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate to cement, the plasticity and strength of concrete can be increased, and there is a blocking effect.

Three, namely to delay the initial and final solidification time of concrete, such as adding 0.15% Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate, the initial solidification time of concrete can be extended more than 10 times, and the plastic concrete is time extend from a few hours to a few days, without affecting its fastness.

Plasticity and delay the initial solidification time is a very important problem in the concrete operation, such as construction in high temperature season and large engineering work, delay the initial solidification time is a difficult problem, Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate can successfully solve the problem.

Another cementing Wells at high temperature is more difficult, added the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate concrete under 170 ℃ high temperature, after the plastic within a few hours, so it can successfully solve the above problems.

Therefore, the technical level of Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate has been widely used in important construction projects abroad, such as many Bridges in the Middle East.

But our domestic application also has not been popularized in this respect, it is said in the papermaking wastewater from cellulose sulfonate, its effect and the Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is not at all.

In addition, it can be used in electroplating, film manufacturing industry.

As a kind of hydroxy carboxylic acid type more excellent corrosion scale inhibitor Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate, because of the many specific properties, such as can take pains on applied technology, will be developed into a big industry.

4. Application of technical grade gluconate in construction industry:

Concrete is a composite material made of cement, aggregates, mixtures and water. Concrete is the largest of all manufactured materials.

Three quarters of the concrete is aggregates, while the most active ingredient in concrete is the cement slurry. The properties and properties of concrete are mainly determined by the nature of cement slurry.

The mixture in concrete can provide some beneficial effects such as accelerating solidification, delaying solidification, making air bubble, reducing water use and increasing plasticity, etc.

There are several kinds of mixtures used in cement, and various mixtures can reinforce each other in some applications. Sodium glucosinate can be used as a mixture in concrete and its function in concrete is as follows:

Water reducers and retardants are used alone, but they can be used in conjunction with other anticoagulants such as carbohydrates and phosphate.

Tech Grade Sodium Gluconate is a crystalline powder. It was produced under the conditions of proper regulation and control.

This compound is chemically pure and noncorrosive. The mass is constant. These features guarantee reliable and repeatable results in the application.