What Can Food Grade Sodium Gluconate Work As A Food Additive?

What can Food Grade Sodium Gluconate work as a food additive?
Food Grade Sodium Gluconate as a food additive has a lot of function and function when used. Which is more common there are four main points, respectively, as follows:
1, adjust the pH function:
The Food Grade Sodium Gluconate has a buffering pH of 3.4 and is suitable for food additives for low pH buffers.
Drink pH4 below, generally sterilization time at 65 ℃ for 10 minutes, both to avoid the impact of sterilization heating on the beverage material, but also save energy, is the importance of beverage production engineering management part;
Other organic acid salt is difficult to achieve the above pH4 sterilization can meet the above requirements, and Food Grade Sodium Gluconate can meet the above requirements without affecting the beverage tastes, so Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is the most excellent food processing pH buffer.
2, taste taste agent: Food Grade Sodium Gluconate itself was taste good, have to cover the bitter ignorant, odor function, such as cover fish smell, magnesium bitterness and so on, are superior to other organic acid salt.
3, cover the soybean protein smell: soy protein high nutritional value, used in meat processing, fish, surimi, frozen food and other food, but there are inherent soybean protein smelly, so the use of limitations.
In the sausage manufacturing, adding about 5% of the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate, there is a significant reduction in the effect of soy protein odor. Food Grade Sodium Gluconate also masked soymilk, hamburger and so on using soy protein foods unique to soybean eggs from the smell.
4, to improve the sweetness of high sweetness taste:
Low-calorie high-sweetness sweeteners are healthy, but in the taste of the general difficult and perfect taste of sugar compared.
After the foreign test, the Food Grade Sodium Gluconate has significantly improved the high sweetness sweetener aspartame, stevioside, saccharin taste, aspartame and Food Grade Sodium Gluconate and can achieve the same sweetness of sugar The
  For the use of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate, I believe that customers have learned a lot. But what is its real mainstream use?
    In fact, the mainstream use of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate has three main areas, namely the construction industry, the medical industry and the food industry.
    First, the role of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate in the construction industry:
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate in concrete works with water reducing agent and retarder.
    Its water reduction, plasticizing, retarding effect is very significant, can greatly improve the workability of concrete, reduce slump loss, improve the late strength of concrete, as a retarder can make the initial setting time from a few hours to a few Days without loss of strength.
    But also for a wide range of pumping concrete, large flow of concrete, mass concrete, high strength concrete can be used.
    Second, the role of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate in the medical industry:
    Regulate the body's acid-base balance, to restore the normal role of nerve.
    Third, the role of Food Grade Sodium Gluconate in food:
    For the food industry, because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, it can be used as food additives. Food Grade Sodium Gluconate and potassium gluconate have excellent taste threshold.
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate is not irritating, no bitter taste, salt quality close to salt, the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salt, salt (inorganic salt) 5 times, 2.6 times the sodium malate, 16.3 times the sodium lactate.
    Food Grade Sodium Gluconate and potassium gluconate in food processing used to adjust the pH, improve food flavor, instead of salt processing into a healthy low salt or salt (no sodium chloride) food, to improve human health, rich people Life plays a big role.